Arnold’s 6 Rules of Success

We all wonder how people at the top did it? What does it take to be a champion, get massive results in life and be at your best?

What are Arnold’s 6 Rules of success?


If you really hear the top achievers in any field they have kept it very simple. They do not have spare body parts that make them special. I personally refer to these simple rules that made the young boy from Austria to world-renowned personality in the field of Bodybuilding, Hollywood, and Politics.

It’s not about what you want, but WHY do you want to be a champion? Why do you want to become a successful person in your field of choice? It all starts with a WHY. Once our why is clear to us then that becomes the powerful force within us which makes us unstoppable.

Always trust that you are on the right path towards your goal. If things don’t work one way they keep finding and applying different ways to get there, that’s why breaking the rules come to play. One important thing to be successful in anything is acceptance of failure. Failures are nothing but ways that things cant be done, or in real terms the lessons you are learning, so embrace failure as much as you can.

Now we all have people around us, many will say that it can’t be done. Don’t take it as a word, prove it wrong by making things happen. Work your butt off because nothing else will make your dreams a reality. And always find ways to give back to the world, because that’s our real purpose.

If you really focus your life on these Legendary rules by Arnold, then you will see the results you have always wanted. Nobody says it’s going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it!


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