Cravings & How to Deal with Them

Food Cravings – who doesn’t have them?

I bet every one of you reading this article craves for various kind of snacks or foods. Some go for more salty & spicy choices, such as, salted nuts, deep fried food, chips, savoury pies, samosas etc. And those who are like me, run after food/snacks high in sugar – cheese, chocolate, candy bars, cake slices, sweet pies, donuts etc.

We love them because they make us feel good when we are having them but secretly we all know they aren’t doing any good to us. Most people I speak to tell me how they are sick of feeling overweight or unfit but they do not want to give up on their “favourite” foods. At times, even I get told off that “You should live a little!”

The reason I write this is so you understand more about your own bodies, the cravings and how you can manage it rather than being managed by it. But first step is to understand why you crave what you crave. You ready?

The main reasons are-

a) Dehydration – you aren’t drinking enough water
b) Lack of fibre – your daily food intake is missing fibre via vegetables
c) Long gaps between your meals – you are surviving on 3 main meals a day and filling the gaps with biscuits, chips, or chocolates

Not understanding these factors is enough to get your blood sugar levels management being all over the place, therefore, creating the feeling of eating something snack like which in most cases are unhealthy options like I mentioned above.

The solution is right inside these points to curb those bad food cravings:

1) Stay hydrated – have enough water to match your active lifestyle. My tip is to have at least 1 gallon a day. The trick is to stay away from all the sugary drinks even if their ads are featuring your favourite sports stars/ athletes. So no colas, Gatorades, redbulls, or high caffeine energy drinks. Best options are – coconut water, green tea, drinks high in electrolytes and water

2) Commit to adding 3 fist size portions of green each day in your diet – could be anything broccoli, cabbage, green beans, spinach, kale or asparagus. The fibre in these vegetables will slow everything down and balances your blood sugar levels so that you don’t see a sudden drop in energy levels and let your cravings take over.

3) Last and something I live by every single day no matter where in the world I am – split your meals from 3 big ones to 6 small meals that are consumed every 3 hours. This will keep you away from all the troubles of even thinking of unhealthy food.

These are just simple habits that you need to create in your life, the results you are going to see will be impressive to your own eyes.

Don’t Aim to Live a Little, Aim to Live Better

Cheers – have fun and be safe

Rahul Talreja

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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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