Self Discovery Through Fitness

When we start our fitness transformation, we start a journey of self discovery through the a lifestyle change. This journey, however, is an amazing one because it gives us an opportunity to re-discover ourselves as human beings that we have lost sight off.

It kind of becomes a process of re-birth because we are stepping into a new identity of a healthier, fitter and happier self, the person who is totally different to our current state.

As humans, we are creature of habits.  However, more powerful habits are those that have become part of our belief system since the age of 3. So whether it is eating, sleeping, clothes, using certain words, behaviours etc, there are lot of such habits that are unconsciously engraved in our minds, therefore, making who we are at this stage. Our physical state is a reflection of our habits that are engraved in our sub-conscious and need work on.

So as we jump into a whole transformation process, we are simply getting into a process of breaking our old habits of beliefs and creating new ones. The whole physical transformation is merely a reflection of our thoughts, that’s why it is very commonly said, careful what you wish for or think about because Thoughts Become Things.

Accoding of various different researches, anything we do on a consistence basis consiciously for upto 21 days becomes our habit. This is why the most effective transformation happens after the 4 weeks period because in that time a person had formed new habits. As they keep going forward, the new habits have taken over the old ones, hence a new physical, mental and emotional being stands in front of you when you look that person in the mirror.

In order to find more about yourself, you must start thinking physical transformation from a whole different perspective. To a lot of people, getting shape is all about external look which is why you see so many people fail everytime they start a weight=loss or muscle building programme. They are only focussing on the sacrifice they are making to be in shape instead of taking it as a change of habits – the process will be more enjoyable and an individual gets more excited about the whole journey.

That is why at Be Your Best Self Transformation, the emphasis is on mental, emotional and physical transformantion. Becaus they are ALL linked together.

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Rahul Talreja

Transformation Consultant











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