Tips to Reduce Fat around Your Waist

One of the most common area of the body that people struggle (myself included) is our torso/waist/stomach because that is where we store the most fat in our body. Of course, there is a snowball effect of that going into other areas, such as our thighs and butts, however, the first place we all look in the mirror every single time we get a chance is our waist.

Although, we all seek that 1 magic pill or something similar that can help us get rid of that flab so we can fit into our old jeans, shirt or a dress, there are some simple tricks & tips you can apply staring right now to start reducing fat around your waist.

Tip#1: Morning Brew

Start your morning with this particular brew to go first thing in your body instead of a coffee or juice.

Green tea + 1 table spoon Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 table spoon Lemon Juice

As much ruthless this is going to taste in your mouth (you might throw up), this brew is an absolute magic because your cleansing out stored toxins in your body. It also removes any bad bacteria in your body and replaces it with good bacteria that helps your digest food you eat through the day.
Consume it every morning for 4 weeks straight without fail, the results will be just magical.

Tip#2: Daily 20 Minutes Low Intensity Cardio

Now that you have started your day right with the morning brew in your belly, it’s time to put on some training shoes and music to go out for 20 minutes brisk walk. The reason I suggest low intensity cardio is because it is certainly effective but also it doesn’t feel like a chore to beginners or people who dread away from training thinking it’s hard. The intensity is enough that you can talk to the person walking next to you yet with a heart rate that is faster than normal.

You don’t need to run a mile like a marathon runner to get fit. Just can simply choose 20 minutes out of your day be it morning, noon or evening to perform this form of cardio. You can use treadmill, stationary bike, and outdoor walks, cross trainer or Stairmaster as long as you are doing it. I personally do 2 sessions of 20 minutes – one in morning after my weight training and one in the evening with my wife which is an outdoor walk.

Combine this with Tip 1 for next 4 weeks to gain momentum to your flab reduction and fat burning process

Tip# 3: Remove Complex Carbs after 6 PM

This is one tip that I has made me the most hated guy amongst my family & friends, yet has given amazing results to anyone who has followed it in pretty much days. I personally have been following this rule for last few years of no complex carbs in the evening leading to bed time. Yes I do talk about meal plan/prep and having 3 hours meal frequency and this tip has always formed part of that strategy.

When I use the term “complex carbs” I refer to rice, potato, sweet potato, pasta, bread, noodles, pizza etc. doesn’t matter if they are gluten free or made out of thin air. Instead I’d like you to replace it with fibrous carbs such as your green leafy salad or steamed veggies. They are high in water content making it easy to digest overnight as compared to your breads or rice that will sit in your gut for hours even while you are sleeping.

Oh yep I forgot to add to this – no desserts either in the evening. Ideally you won’t need them if you stay consistent with your meal prep (check out my previous blog for more information).

To conclude, the above tips are simple, easy to follow and monitor by anyone. Probably you might have already started preparing for this change starting tomorrow morning. You can incorporate all the tips in your lifestyle or start with 1 at a time. Make sure you follow it through for 4 weeks straight without fail, because that is how much time it will take to form a new habit and once it’s a habit it is part of your lifestyle.

Well, wish you all the best. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the form.

Rahul Talreja
Transformation Coach
Be Your Best Self Transformation


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