A question often cross our mind when we start on our fitness journey. It is also one of few questions that I have come across a lot from people I know in conversations as well as my inbox. Well, you will be delighted to know that there is no one right answer to this and the answer for this actually depends on YOU.

Every fitness coach, trainer, instructor and/or athlete has a different approach toward training which is mostly backed up by few factors, such as:

– Their own personal results
– Their clients’ results
– Internal connection with a certain approach
– Personal preference
– Knowledge etc.

However, if I talk purely from you making a decision for yourself on how many times a week you should be training that I can guide you towards 3 important factors to consider:

A) GOAL– you need to be clear in your mind about what you want to achieve for your transformation, what is your purpose of physical transforming. Usually when I ask someone what goal they have in mind, the usual responses are – “I want to lose weight”; “I want to build muscle”, or “I want to become leaner”, so on and so forth.

To me these are very generic goals, not specific. To be specific means to more clarity about your goal. If I take an example of weight loss then be clear about your target, timeline, number you want to hit on scale, inches you want lose, fat percentage you want to get down to, dress size, etc. The more time you will give to your goals in terms of giving it a long thought before jumping on-board, the more aligned you will be with your purpose. You can have images around of your dream physique, be it your old picture of your best self or someone whom you idolise.

Additionally, your goal decides how many times a week should you train. For example if you want to build muscle then you need to give each body part full attention, therefore, requiring you to train at least 5 days a week of pure weight training. But if your goal is get lean and athletic then you might focus on training full body 3 times a week.

Respect your goals enough to give it time, energy and attention. Only then your actions will provide results.

B) AVAILABILITY – next thing that comes to my mind when talking about the frequency of training is your own time availability, what suits you the best the best in line with your work, family and social commitments.

A lot of people love to train in the evening after they are done with their hard day’s work because that refreshed them. A lot of people (like myself) train early morning to get it out of the way and energise their mornings.

TIP: take a close glance at your weekly calendar to mark your commitments first. Then look for time you can fit your training in.

C) LEVEL OF COMMITMENT– it all comes down to how committed you are to yourself. You can get all the help in the world through course, coaching, reading posts or blogs (like this one), and watching motivation videos on Youtube but if your commitment level is low then doesn’t matter how many days you train.

Most likely, people who are not committed enough are either scared of the change or let excuses take over their life. It’s easy to slip into our comfort zone because that makes us feel safe but where we are safe we might not be growing. So in order for growth to happen in our life we must give up all excuses by taking control.

If anything out of these 3 points I can give you today to hit home, I’d suggest focus on getting committed first. With commitment your goal and availability will pumped out straight away.

To summarize, you are the best judge of how many times you should be training. Of course you want to make sure you recover and rest well too but when you have a goal, allocated time and commitment to succeed there is no force in the world that can stop you from getting what you want – be it anything in life.

Rahul Talreja
Transformation Coach
Be Your Best Self Transformation


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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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