How to Burn Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

People generally get confused with gaining lean muscle and fat burn. The common knowledge amongst many is in order to build muscle they need to go to gym 5-6 days a week and lift crazy heavy weight. There is no thought or consideration of cardio. Secondly, to gain muscle many people take high calorie intake as an excuse to shove unhealthy nutrition less bad calorie food/drink.

When the focus is so much on building muscle, burning fat is not in even in the equation of daily activity because it gets mixed up with the concept of weight loss that in turn means or is related to calorie cutting / deficit.

One can easily combine the two aspects together, i.e., weight training for muscle building and cardiovascular activities for fat burning. The two complement each other from complete physical results perspective as well as providing overall health benefits.

Generally the myth amongst beginners or amateurs is cardio with weight training will cause muscle loss. That’s why I have tips for you accommodate in your training to get a good clean and lean muscle building instead of unhealthy bulking with bad calories.

Tips to Burn Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

Burning fat can be done while still maintaining the hard gained muscle. This is what is commonly used by professional bodybuilders to get the muscle mass with low body fat.

So, below the tips to burn fat and gain lean muscle

  1. LIT (Low Intensity) Cardio- perform your cardio AFTER your weight training is done. Since you are in for fat burn so you have to keep a slow pace cardio like brisk walk, slow jog, medium pace on ecliptic, or stair master. Before you jump in the cardio session, make sure you have your post workout shake to help assimilate the vital nutrients in the body filling the muscle fibres.
  2. NUTRITION BALANCE – you want to have the right macros of protein, good source of carbs and fats to help you build muscle without storing any calories converting into fat. Your body is what you feed, so it’s YOUR responsibility to watch your nutrition.
  3.  SUPPLEMENTATION – to gain the strength you must have the right supplementation to support your training – pre, intra and post workout. If you are training that hard then you need supplements for the nutrition you can’t get from food which is important for recovery and growth
  4.  HYDRATION – keeping your body hydrated is a key for good recovery, energy levels, metabolism boost and cleaning toxins. Best sources are- water, BCAAs, coconut water, green tea etc. Avoid any sugary, aerated “energy” drinks” which are full of caffeine and sugar. Even soft drinks or cordials aren’t a good solution
  5.  AVOID JUNK FOOD – very big factor is to avoid high sugary and greasy food and snacks. Some would justify cheat meals but my suggestion is to keep the calories intake as clean as possible for the best results. There are whole lot of factors behind cheat meals – timing, source, choice etc. As a beginner, I want you to focus on clean source of food.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a short term crash course, hence a life-long decision. It does take lot of hard work and consistency but only those who can rise above their fears/excuses become winners.

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