How Fitness Changes Your Personality – 6 Changes You See In Yourself

Losing weight, gaining lean muscle and building strength as a result of healthy lifestyle is a great feeling, especially, when you have put so much work into it with workouts, watching what you eat, sacrifices made in the process and overall discipline to the plan.

But it does more to an individual then simply a body transformation, there is a shift in one’s identity and overall personality. Let’s find out how:

  1. Facial Change – As you start losing extra layers of fat you start to see decline in the fullness on your face. It doesn’t happen straight away but this gradual change is visible after some time. You also notice removal of extra roundness from the cheeks and jawline.
  2.  Posture – a person who has been through a transformation has a better posture. You can see that person smiling with an enhanced self-esteem purely due to his/her posture. It comes with the fact that you are finding yourself more in control of your physical movements.
  3. Self-confidence – it brings out your confidence in yourself. This change happens because your hard work pays off which gives you a sense of assurance that the change is possible if you really want bad enough. When you start seeing results there is a sense of self belief that enlightens which wasn’t there before.
  4. Determination – the transformation and results you see in the mirror makes you more determined. It not only stays within the zone of fitness but also replicates in other areas of your life such as you career, family life etc.
  5. Inspirational Person – a biggest positive change is that you can be inspiring people around you to be healthy as well. Your friends, family and colleagues look up to you for solutions and this is the time to contribute to the society by sharing the knowledge.
  6. Self-Appreciation – the whole process of living a fit and healthy lifestyle helps you discover yourself more. You learn about what you are capable off, your strengths, your weaknesses and more important it brings you closer to your own self.

Overall there are positive changes one can see happening to themselves with physical transformation. It is a way of life not a few days, weeks or month’s mojo. Living a healthy lifestyle is simply change of habits that we need to practice in our daily life.

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