How Weight Training Helps Weight Loss

For past few years I have been sharing my training videos, pictures and content with the world to not only inspire but spread it has a message to help improve overall health. In that process, I have come across many supporters and few non – supporters. However, I do get a lot of scepticism from the same people about going to gym and train with the weights mostly because of their beliefs. Some of them are:

  • I don’t want to be a Bodybuilder like you
  • I don’t have time for training
  • I don’t eat meat
  • I don’t want to gain muscle, I am happy with weight loss (mostly female audience)
  • I just want to reduce my waist size – so I will stop eating basically
  • So on and so forth

A lot of people get uncomfortable/sceptic when they hear weight training. Mostly because people straight away think about big/huge bodies roaming around in streets or gyms showing off their muscles disturbs them. Sadly weight training has been associated by most people to getting bigger, building muscle and gain of weight/size as a goal.

Well I have a Good News and a Bad News for you. Let’s start with bad news, which is, the majority of the men who go to gym lifting weights are focussing on getting bigger to gain muscle, so your fear is only coming from what you are seeing.

Good news is that weight training itself can be used in various different ways using different principles depending on your goal. And since we are talking about weight loss, then I can give some reason how weight training helps in weight loss.

Weight Training 2

Weight training and fat burn

Weight training helps weight loss because it boosts up your metabolism and burns fat faster than walking on a treadmill. Lifting weights when combined with right diet and nutrition is a great combination to an individual’s weight loss and fat burn results.

When you lift weights you build muscle which also adds to burning calories. The weight training, if done right, shoots up body metabolism long after the activity is completed as body is asking for more oxygen during the activity. It also burns down the glycogen levels which is then filled up by good nutrition and diet.

Some Facts:

  1. Lift weight at least 3 times a week
  2. Pay attention to your diet
  3. Always warm up before weight training
  4. Give your body enough rest to recover after weight training
  5. Be aware of your postures and breathing techniques to prevent injuries.
  6. Start slow with weights you are comfortable with and then build up on lifting heavier.
  7. Cool down after weight training with stretching.

In order to lose weight and burn fat with lifting weights, it is important to focus on your diet and add cardiovascular on non-lifting days.

It is best to consult from a coach who can help you with a training programme in alignment with your goals, medical conditions (if any), nutrition intake etc.

Happy Training!

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation

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