Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

You are regular with your training in the gym or outside and giving your best everyday but still not getting great results. The worst part is you see other guys and girls around your who are spending less time then you are but still have better results overall.

I have been in those situations many times but each time I have found myself in that spot of self-criticising, I rather went ahead to find more answers to my questions. That search of finding better answers to becoming a best version of myself made me aware of lot of points that I was doing wrong at the start of my fitness journey.

It is a learning process and the best learning comes when you apply instead of just reading about it. I want to share some reasons that might be holding your results back, if not all then at least one or two.

Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

  • Clarity of Goals – you need to have a very clear specific goal of what you want to achieve and by when. Only then you will be able to pick the right workout plan. Get help from someone you look up to and find a coach to guide you setting up goals. Give yourself time to set them up as the more specific detailed they the better plan you can lay down for yourself.
  • Missing Visual Connection– it is important to have a visual connection with your goals. So you can emulate someone whose physical shape you admire and have their pictures around you for visual connection.
  • Diet and Supplementation – your workout should be supported by right nutrition plan and supplementation. This is an area where you need consultation and preparation.
  • Rest and recovery– it is said that you break your muscles in the gym, feed in the kitchen and build while you sleep. Resting and recovering is as important as working out. Providing your body with right recovery through various other measure like massage, chiropractic adjustments, cryotherapy, physiotherapy etc., is also crucial.


  • Chore vs Fun – your workout needs to be fun that is something to look forward to. If you are taking it as a chore then you pick something that you can enjoy and can do on a regular basis. If you don’t like weight training, then identify a sport or an activity to match your goals.
  • Comfort Zone – people generally stick to things they know and do not want to learn/try new ways or training methods. Educate yourself more on techniques and apply in line with your goals.
  • Missing Passion – passion is something that comes from within. You need to have a very strong reason, “WHY”, for your goal. That connection with your goal will bring out the passion to achieve the goals.

Getting these strategies in place will enhance your performance in your training as well as overall life. What we do in one area of life also follows in other areas of your life too. Even if you are already doing these things, then my suggestion is to review them again as you might come across some surprises of self-sabotaging.

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation