Only You Can Guarantee Results

Only You Can Guarantee Results

We are living in a world of choice and multiple options. People are going from one option to another, basically just shopping for the next best programme to help them lose weight, or build muscle or stay lean etc. What they are looking for is “Guaranteed Results” if they choose a coach to train him or her.

The underlying issue here is that if we are seeking guaranteed results then simply we are looking for someone to blame on. Even if that means we aren’t putting our 100% in to the programme, but we would like to have an option to blame someone else – people or things around us- to simply say “I didn’t get the results because of ……”

Now we ALL know in our heart that we have to put in the hard yards to even see simple glimpse of a change. But what makes us complacent is that we want everything instantaneously.

The problem is that if you are someone who is unhappy right now due to lack of results for the work you haven’t done with commitment and consistency, then you are living in that reality in everything else – your career, relationships, finances and so on.

My mentor told me once – if your effort is half hearted then you results will be half too. In order to get the results you don’t have, you have to do things you never have. Basically do things differently and believe that you will reach the destination or milestone.

The trick to it at all is that nobody in this world can guarantee you success except you. Only you can see your own vision and turn it around with your own actions. Coaches, mentors, programmes, articles, books, seminars, webinars, and blue prints are just resources you can leverage on to get close to your goal.

What most people lack to start with is, having a goal and vision, which is why they get into anything for perhaps the wrong reasons or only short term target such as, getting into an old dress; looking slimmer in a wedding or a party and so one.

These are only short term immediate goals, but what happens after that? They fall off the grid, lose sight of their next goals, therefore, give up on their own work.

The point is that don’t looking for guarantees in chances you take in life, there is none and nobody can provide you with that. Your guarantee is your own belief system, work ethic, action and confidence in your choices. You being accountable to yourself is the first step to get closer to your goals to see the results.

In my latest Vlog I talk about accountability and my viewpoint on guarantees in life.

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