How to Wake Up Early for Morning Workout?

How to Wake Up Early for Morning Workout?

Waking up in the morning is a challenge in itself, especially during the week due to overwhelming work, family and social commitments. That’s why most people either totally avoid training or train in the evening.

For years I have been an evening person when it came to training, mostly because that’s how I started back in high school. As years passed by and I stepped up from student to more professional life, I started finding myself in more rush with my training due to lack of time, social commitments, fatigue and adding family commitments. Especially when I started training for bodybuilding preps, the evening trainings stretched to nights impacting my life’s balance.

So I committed to jumping into early morning training. What I found was amazing, because it not only changed my life but I got so much more time on hand for family, work on my business, social commitments and self-development.

I do, however, had to make some changes that helped me wake up very early in the morning to get my workout in the books for the day

  1. Early Bed Time – yes the most obvious one to start with and the most important changes you have to bring in your life. Get in the bed early, shut all the gadgets, lights out and lie down in your bed. Close your eyes and let every thought bounce away from your mind.
  2. Distance Alarm – we all have now our smart phones sleeping next to us for alarms. Just put them few walking steps away from where you sleep. This will force you to get out of bed instead of hitting snooze. Have couple of alarms set if you are likely to go back in bed after first one
  3. Light Dinner – don’t indulge in high sugar, high sodium and high calories in dinner. Your dinner should be light mostly surrounded by source of protein and green vegetables (fibrous carbs). Don’t eat any complex carbs at night. A light meal consumed will keep your body light and help you wake up with better energy.
  4. Plan It Well in Advance– time yourself backwards from the time you have to be at work. That way you will know exactly what time you need to be up, finish your training, dress up and leave for work on time. The more you plan it the more you will be able to visualise the whole day before you go to bed. This really helps in bouncing off the bed
  5. Be Selfish – you will need to be thinking about your health first before anything else. Sometimes we get consumed by what others are going to think if sleeping early and/or not staying late for night outs. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, others will always have an opinion.

There is a famous saying – if you want it bad enough, you will make a way. It stands true in this case. I have been waking up at 5 am every day for past 3 years to do my training and it has changes my life. Instead of thinking “I can’t”, ask yourself “how can I”, and let your mind do the imagination.

All the Best!

Rahul Talreja

Messenger of Fitness and Transformation




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