How to Reduce of Bloating? – 8 Steps to Reduce Bloating

As we grow older it becomes a common thing in both men and women (Yes! you are reading it right, men do get this feeling too ladies). It feels like carrying an extra person.

Boating is an increase in diameter of abdominal area or gas swelling, which makes an individual feel full and tight abdomen. It may cause pain, discomfort and sometimes growling. Some people feel emotions all over the place because of such discomfort

There are few main factors that lead to us feeling bloated such as –

  • Food habits – lack of fibre
  • Activity levels
  • Water intake
  • Natural metabolism
  • Age and body type
  • Allergies and so on

We can go on and on about the problem but this is not what we are here for. We are here to learn how to get reduce of bloating and provide a solution.

So let’s find out in 8 simple steps –

  1. Food Habits – it all starts from what you put into your body. Foods high in sugar, fried food, salty or anything with lot of fat tends to burn slowly, therefore, staying in the body for longer time. To get rid of bloating you need to watch what you eat and consume the opposite of high sugary, fried, full of fat and salty food.
  2.  Increase Fibre Intake – by consuming more of natural fruits and veggies you are giving your body a good source of fibre that speeds the metabolism. You can do so by adding fibre bases supplements in your diet
  3. Chew Thoroughly – Instead of gulping the food down your throat chew it properly so it goes down the system faster and chewing also is a good exercise for your body.
  4. Exercising – yes believe it or not regular exercise helps in getting rid of unwanted substance – liquid or gas – out of your body. It moves your blood flow and helps getting all the organs into regular functioning.
  5. Lethem Loose – you guessed right what I am trying to say here. Don’t hold on to it if you know there is gas waiting to come out of your body. Find a private spot or rush to the toilet to let loose. It’s toxic and definitely needs to be out.
  6. Drink Digesting Liquids – green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea etc. are all good for helping you getting rid of bloating. You can also get hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey in it to help speed up metabolism.
  7. Reduce Stress Levels – stress can come in many forms but mostly caused by physical exertion due to lack of rest/ sleep as well as mental with work, family and social commitments. High cortisol levels in body can also lead to bloating and weight gain. Make sure you are giving enough sleep, meditation, massages, or spa treatment to reduce the cortisol levels in body.
  8. Allergies – lot of people have bloated stomach mostly because of food allergies from lactose, gluten, nuts etc. Get yourself checked for such allergies and switch to foods that are doesn’t contain the ingredients you might be allergic to.

These 8 steps should give you a head start towards reducing bloating and getting rid of extra weight and get life under control once again.

Enjoy a happy & healthy life.


Rahul Talreja

Messenger of Fitness and Transformation








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