We all love food and sometimes a little too much. This is what holds people back to get in the desired shape. So many people who are now in their 30s, 40s and 50s but are letting themselves go when it comes to food. They do not realise that as we grow older our body doesn’t process food as it used to back in our teens and 20s.

So to still eat and drink as if you are in your 20s is just being blindfolded and ignorant. People only take action when things start getting worst or already at the verge of breaking down.

I have short listed 10 benefits to shred weight to help you understand from a logical angle. These 10 benefits are nothing but changes people experience once they have gone through a physical transformation.

  1. Confidence – it brings a person’s confidence back and his/her abilities. The overall change comes from more control on the body, therefore, reflecting in the walks as well as speech.
  2. Increase Life Expectancy – researches have shown again and again, with extra weight and body fat you are open to risk of diabetes, heart health, stroke, constipation etc. Transformation does increase a person’s life expectancy by reducing aforesaid risks.
  3. Quality of Life – losing weight improves your quality of life. We tend to make better food choices, be around active people and like to be in a fresh environment.
  4. Look & Feel better – shredding down kilos makes a person feel and look better whether or not wearing clothes. It’s a best feeling to be able to see yourself in the mirror with no clothes on or take your top off at the beach.
  5. Better Mood – people with a healthy lifestyle are in a much better mental state, focussed and happier as they have pumped up their energy levels.
  6. Less Stress – when you lose weight/gain muscle you find small things don’t stress you. You tend to build up stronger mind because of the challenges you out yourself through with workouts and staying in control of your diet.
  7. Energetic – daily exercising and nutrition keep you active and awake. People who are overweight have no energy because of the food they rely on that are high in starch and saturated fats.
  8. Productivity Increase – when you lose weight you become more productive as our body speed increases so does the windows of opportunities.
  9. Learn More About Yourself –you find a lot about yourself, like, what you are good at, what activity you enjoy, what you can and can’t do etc.
  10. Become Tougher – it’s not an easy ride but it makes you a tough soldier because you learn to fight with odds. Physical fitness and transformation is a fight we do against our own wills and that’s when toughness builds within us.

I am sure there are more benefits to those I have mentioned but those who go through a transformation can feel and relate to these outcomes.

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Messenger of Fitness and Transformation




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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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