We do get inspired by sporting legends, athletes, celebrities, movie stars going through transformations but most people get into the thought process of “Oh they can do it because they can afford it”; or “they are on drugs”’ Etc.

What we don’t understand or rather choose not to think about it how they did it, what they went through or go through each day and how can we get those results. It’s not really the expensive physical trainers, clothes, shoes, gym memberships or supplements that makes an individual go through a transformation BUT their focus, determination and action towards achieving a goal they have set for themselves.

Training like a professional athlete or pro if you want to call is about strategy that starts from internal shift before making an external appearance. So here are main strategies you can start follow right away-

  1. WHY – first things first, you need to come down to a point why you want to transform. This is important because that’s the biggest driver of an athlete that makes him or her out of bed to do it again. So take a pen and a pad and sit down with no distractions around to write down your why and keep going until you get to the point where it gets emotional.
  2. GOAL – Once you have a WHY, you need to set a GOAL for yourself which needs to be very specific. The more specific it is the better as it helps you with managing your next step
  3. PLAN – goal is just a destination but a plan is a roadmap you need to identify to get reach your destination. To get your plan right, you need to get both 1) and 2) right, so you can work backwards how you can get there.
  4. ACTION – a plan is only real when it is followed. If you can clearly defined GOALS backed up by a strong PLAN and a very emotional WHY, then this part becomes the easiest. Most people start with action but do not know why they are doing it and where they are going which is why a lot of people fail.
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY – as much as hard worker an athlete is, he or she always has someone keeping them accountable to their action and making sure they stick to the plan. Most likely, it’s their coach & mentors. You can do so by hiring a coach for yourself or work with someone who has already achieve the goal you wish to achieve.
  6. TIME MANAGEMENT – this is the most important part of anything in life, not just fitness. A professional athlete has a lot going on other than training, such as, press conferences, endorsements, meetings, social gatherings and family. But they do not make excuses of missing the training, in fact, make the best of the time hand. So, start asking yourself “how can I make time for training?” instead of looking for BS excuses.
  7. TRACKING RESULTS – the best way to see your progress is by penning it down. Successful athletes always keep their track records in a journal or filing or pictures, to review their progress, areas of improvement and highlighting their strong areas. Keeping a journal of your daily or weekly progress makes you see how far you have come and how close you are to your goals.

Success starts with formation of habits of success. Many people wish to be successful and achieve high records but they fail because they don’t have right strategies in place.

I hope this blog provides you with the tool kit to start improving your life and start becoming a pro.

All the Best!


Rahul Talreja

Messenger of Fitness and Transformation





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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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