One should never underestimate the power and importance of hydration as it plays a critical role in making progress. Proper hydration of the body not only impacts your training intensity but also aid in the overall digestion process. Sadly, many of us overlook this aspect of our physical training and fitness.

Let me show you how crucial if hydration with 3 important reasons –

Athletic Performance

Research has shown that a fluid loss of 2-3% of an athlete’s total body mass results in a decrease in performance, specifically impacting an athlete’s VO2max output. It can get worst in hot climate.

De-hydration also impacts your strength and muscular endurance as well as recovery between sets. So, if you are training hard you are losing a lot of fluid on top of you will outside the weight room. Therefore, it is critical that you pay attention to your water intake all day long.

Usage of Muscle Glycogen

A de-hydrated body means increase of muscle glycogen usage. In simple terms, it means you start losing energy levels while training. Once the muscle glycogen levels are depleted it impacts drastically in our performance.

While training I make sure I am fully hydrated before, during and after my training session, especially during the session so muscle glycogen levels are not getting into depleted state.

Blood Volume 

Research says that the most common cause of drop in performance due to dehydration is blood volume reduction. It refer to the heart’s ability to distribute blood at its highest capacity. If and when this happens, the muscle are more vulnerable to lactic acid accumulation where you find your muscles go more into spasms.

A proper hydration is required to constantly pump oxygenated blood to the working muscles, enabling them to complete the work demands, and removing the toxins which will sabotage performance.

What’s The Solution?

Surely there are more ways dehydration impacts performance but the aforementioned are the ones most cited. Now that we have established an understanding how important hydration is, let’s discuss the solution.

If you are training hard then you need at least 1 gallon per day or maybe 2 gallons depending on your physical requirements. The weather and climate plays an important role too. Being in hot & humid region will require more water compared to a cold climate.

A good check for hydration levels is colour of your urine. If it’s too yellow towards red, then your body is much dehydrated, it needs its due fluid.

Don’t overlook hydration, it is equally important as your nutrition is.


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