5 Powerful Exercise Moves You Can Perform in Your Hotel Room

5 Powerful Exercise Moves You Can Perform in Your Hotel Room

The business world is getting faster, which means time is of essence. Be an individual working for an organisation or running their own show, travelling is part of the deal. Most professionals are constantly on the run to gain or retain business around the world.

Now how does one keep up with their fitness, when travelling is taking a lot of time?

The answer is quick 15-20 minutes of workout in a hotel room without having to worry about rushing to nearest gym. Even if you are not travelling for work, it’s what we make the best off.

Here are 5 most effective power exercise moves you can perform in your hotel room.

Push Ups – The most common classic move that can be performed anywhere on this planet where there is gravity. You can adapt to any push- up variation depending on your fitness levels but the key is to actually do it right in a prone position, balancing on your toes or knees with legs extended, hands shoulder width apart and arms extended.


Bag (Back) Rows – to do these all you need is your carry bag on one hand while the other one is balancing on the edge of a table or chair. Then simply with a nice sliding motion with elbows close to your body lift the bag up while contracting your back muscle and then stretch as your drop the bag down. We are replicating the move as one does with dumbbells.



Ab Crunches – this a move to be done in slow and controlled manner. When you on lying on your back make sure you tuck your abs in and then focus on contracting the muscles while coming up. Lot of people rush this movement that ends up straining the muscle.



Weighted Squats/Lunges – you can choose either of these movements, again depending your fitness levels as well as how you feel at that moment. Now the weight you are holding is your carry bag close to your chest with both arms – as if you are hugging the bag.

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Travel Plank – Plank is a nice way to end the workout to recruit every single muscle fibre in your core. You need to be in a same prone position as push ups, except this time you are balancing on your forearms instead of palms. Just make sure your abs are tight and you are squeezing your glutes.



Now that you have a set of exercises you can perform from your hotel room or anywhere you feel like, you can turn it into a circuit training aiming for 15-20 minutes. Give yourself rest after every interval and stay hydrated.

Excuse of not having time is long known, what is less explore is finding time in our busy schedules. Don’t let your environment control you, start controlling your own environment.