7 Steps to Reduce Your Waistline

The first and foremost area of our body we notice a visible change of gaining weight is our abdominal region which impacts our waist line. An increased waist line due to weight gain can lead to many complications such as – lower back aches, knee/ joint pains from a mobility perspective. From the internal health point of view there are issues such as – fluctuation in blood sugar levels, heart health, heavy breathing, indigestion, liver function, constipation and so on.

Well enough of sad stuff – the question is what we can do today right now to reduce our waistline. I would like you to follow these 7 steps to reduce your waistline to take the journey of fat to fit.

    1. Proper Hydration – water intake is very crucial because proper hydration with water helps reduce the storage of toxins inside the body. It is a natural cleanser which enables the internal system to work more efficiently. Increase water intake by reducing the intake of sugary soft drinks, bottled juices and alcohol. Toxins reduced from the body can do wonders to your waistline as well overall skin.
    2. Create Thermogenic Environment – it simply means you can put your body through an environment where fat burn becomes a natural phenomenon.There are two approaches to this – a) Inside out approach is when you add natural fat burners to your meals such as apple cider vinegar, ground cinnamon, red chilli and black pepper. Be careful with this approach as excess can lead to heart burn and acidity.b) Outside in approach is while you are working out you add an additional layer of clothing so it enforces sweating.
    3.  Low Intensity Cardio – start adding 30 minutes of low intensity cardio activity to your daily schedule such as – riding a bike, slow jog, swimming, brisk walks, elliptical training, cross trainer etc. Your tempo and pace should not be high, you heart rate need to be around 60-70 RPM. Add the outside in approach of creating thermogenic environment in step 2 for better results.
    4. Less Abs Workouts – if you are one of those who are working there abs daily with a hope of 6 packs one fine morning then you are kidding yourself. Abdominal muscle is similar to any other muscle in the body, it will expand with too much ab crunches. You need a workout that enables a strong core instead.
    5. Nutrition Fix you need to start noticing what you are eating and replace bad foods with healthy wholefoods. Start making a journal of what you are eating during a day and do that for an entire week. Then review each day closely where you are making wrong or unhealthy choices and start working towards replacing those bad ones with healthy good ones.
    6. Small Regular Meals – stop having 3 huge meals and start focussing on having 5-6 small meals in an interval of 3 hours. This approach is highly used by professional bodybuilders to maintain the energy levels through the day, keep the blood sugar levels in check so they don’t indulge in anything bad and for better metabolism.
    7. Meditation for Stress Relief – now this step is not much physical but mental. Our mind is our biggest asset so it also needs a proper check for better results. Mental stress can easily transfer to physical stress in the form of cortisol hormones. These hormones, if high, are toxic for out body which can convert into fat if stored for too long. Meditation helps reduce the stress levels, so you can be more at calm zen like ninja who is focussed and ready for action. Having too much stress can also lead to over – indulging in high sugar food which is what you want to avoid.


Just by adapting these steps in your daily lifestyle until they become a habit is crucial for successful results.

Wish you all the best!


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