6 Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

Every champion was once a contender, every pro was once a beginner.

Starting your muscle building journey can be confusing, a bit daunting and over whelming specially when there are lot of experts, articles, videos, books, trainers etc. around you full of information. It is good to have a goal but to follow a direction that is effective, efficient and informative is great way to move forward.

If you a beginner in the gym or someone who has been working out for building muscle but still not getting results, I would like to share 6 important tips so you can start packing muscles in the right manner.

1) PREPERATION – it is the key to see the progress. A well prepared athlete is all about thinking ahead of the game in terms of time of training, prepping meals in advance for the week, having the supplements lined up and of course prepared with a training plan.

An unprepared person is the one with all excuses of time, missing meals, or even the workout because they are not fully recovered from aches & pains of previous workout. So make sure you are well prepared in advance.

2) COMPOUND TRAINING – if you want to pack muscles the best way to train is to focus on compound movements such as – squats, pull ups/ lat-pull downs, chest press, dead lifts etc. This kind of training attacks primary and secondary muscle groups, increase the blood flow, increases testosterones levels in the body and helps in consuming the stored carbohydrates as energy source.

It opens up your body to consume the protein, carbohydrates and fats into filing the muscle fibres that opened up the blood flow within.

3) CONSISTENCY – yes you may have heard this a lot around you but being consistent is what makes and breaks the whole deal. You can’t have 1 day of eating 5-6 meals and next day down to 4 but still expect the same result as previous day. Same goes for training, supplementation and so on. Being consistent with training, meal prep/consumption, recovery every single day is what is going to give results.

4) CLEAN CALORIES – a lot of beginners start to think that just because they are lifting heavy weight, the have ticket to go eat junk food. No Sir! Not in my watch.

You just can’t give in to eat that double cheese burger, large pizza, coke, fries, cookies etc. You have to stick to clean form of carbs, lean protein and good fats. It’s like you are fuelling your car, the cheaper you are going to get in terms of quality the cheaper your body is going to perform.

5) CARDIO– another mistake people do in their muscle building phase is to avoid cardio completely because they think it is going to reduce their muscle or “gains”. In fact, performing cardio helps with better blood flow to assist transport all the nutrients in the food you are consuming to the targeted muscles you have trained that in return will grow better. Additionally, it improves heart health to deal with intense training. You don’t want a dirty bulk but clean and lean way increasing body mass.

Tip: as soon as you are done with weight training have your protein shake and do 15-20 minutes of interval cardio session.

6) PUMP UP – now here I am talking about pre-workout. One needs to have a good mind muscle connection before hitting the gym. This is where a good pre-workout is important which has all important ingredients such as – citrulline, bet-alanine, nitrox ide, caffeine, glutamine, amino acids, creatine, etc. Most beginners go for pre-workouts that are high in mental stimulants giving them the physical goose bumps or shakes. They might be pumping you up in the mind but physically aren’t too well to use. You need to pick the one which improves not only your mental focus but also your performance in the gym.


Sticking to these basic 6 tips of muscle building will help you see the results that are desired by many. I hope you liked the tips, feel free to share these with your training partners.


Rahul Talreja

Be Your Best Self Transformation



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