How to Fall Asleep Quickly Without Pills

Sleepless nights are very common amongst people across all walks of life. It is very common thing amongst those who work long hours, travel a lot or do lot of physical training. So, if you are not getting a good night sleep straight away and waking up tired, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

The complaint of not getting enough sleep is becoming common but this is something we don’t really sit and think about how to fix it. The instant solution now a days is to get a sleep assisting tablets from a health stores. We don’t even bother checking with our doctors if this is the way to go.

Not having enough sleep also has profound effects on our physical results, mostly caused by rise in cortisol’s (stress hormones) in our body. This can cause bloating, bad digestion, gastric attacks, weight gain, mood swings and lack of focus to call out a few.

Below are the natural ways to fall asleep without pills-

  • Put your Gadgets Away –. To get a good night sleep turn off all your gadgets (smartphones and TVs) at least 1 hour before bed time to let your body produce melatonin (sleeping) hormones. Replace your gadget usage with reading a book or spend some time journaling.
  • Better Sleep Essentials – if you are not sleeping well then maybe it’s time to upgrade your mattress and pillow to give you that relaxed feeling. A lot of people can’t sleep properly because of the bed or pillow they sleep on. Invest in giving your body the right posture for the 6-8 hours you are in bed.
  •  Meditate and Stretch – a very good way to relax your mind and body is to meditate that gives your brain a fresh positive thoughts. Also, stretch your body to ease out any stiffened areas before you go to bed.
  •  Complete Darkness – go for full darkness, leave no light on. Even a single beam of light can trouble your sleep or slows the process of getting into a deep sleep.

Applying these methods will help you fall asleep quickly without pills. Sleeping is as important a part of our physical fitness as much as exercise and nutrition. Do not take it too lightly.

Wish you a happy better sleep tonight!






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