Fitness and Corporate Life – A Tug of War

Corporate or professional life, as we call it, is demanding for sure and bringing anything else but fitness into that lifestyle does become harder, especially when we are working long hours and then we have social, family and personal commitments outside of the four walls of the corporate culture.

Most individuals stop focussing on their own health as the priority changes in life and as we are growing from being single to a life of committed relationships with our partners, kids and the triumph of enlarging circle our focus change from self to that of everyone else first. Subconsciously we start treating ourselves less than everybody else, slowly to realize that we have become our own victims.

What does this mindset transmute into? – A victim mentality creating stress in the internal being. The smiles are wiping off the face, friendships are less genuine, social life is in turmoil, physical health issues are arising in young professionals, financial stress and more than that there is no real happiness left within.

Are you stuck in the same rut?

Do you constantly be a victim of circumstances?

Do you often find yourself wanting to start your day healthy and eventually giving in because you are stressed and that’s the only way you know that “supposedly” calms you down?

If you are nodding a YES, then let me tell you, you are not alone!

I’ve been there, working out and feeling that I’m healthy but internally not so much. And that’s why I decided to STOP and take control.

As a working professional within the corporate culture, I have been able to prioritize my health over anything else by simply following these steps-

  1. Finding time to do physical training in the form of weights as well as cardiovascular before my work day starts
  2. Advance meal planning to stay in charge of my nutrition
  3. Beat the sugar cravings
  4. Proper hydration
  5. Mindset training to stay in control of my emotions
  6. Daily self-development

By making these simple changes one can easily find themselves with more energy to give time to their family, friends, career, finances and other hobbies. The results follow in all areas of one’s life which makes a huge difference.

If you are someone who is currently finding themselves standing in the middle of a rut, where everything is slowly getting out of control – your health, finances, relationships, and career, then I want you to know that you are not as stuck as you think you are.

We either control our environment or let others control it for us. Certainly, here at Be Your Best Self Transformation I work with my clients to start taking control of their own environment.

Are you ready to level up and take control?

Let’s talk and discuss how we can transform your health and help you become your best version of yourself.

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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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