Think Bigger to Aim Higher

One of the biggest mistakes people make that they set goals that are too low in standards or too easy to achieve. The goal to them is a mere checklist that they need to get it out of their “to-do list” and something that is achievable within the comfort zone.

If you are one of those people then sadly and unfortunatley you are limiting yourself to rise to your true potential in all areas of your life.

In order to grow you must first realise that you will have to step out of your comfort zone which means you will have to go through a process of doing things that you don’t want to in order to get the results you really want. So if you want to become leaner and fitter you will have to step out of the lazy zone of yours to get into the gym to train to get the body you want along with eating foods that don’t taste good but are beneficial for your overall health.

That’s what you need to work towards when you are setting goals for yourself that whether the action associated in acheiving them is easy or something that will be taxing but will help you become a better version of yourselves.

Another important aspect is to think bigger to aim higher. Most people are scared to think a bigger picture because they subconciously believe that this dream is not for me or I don’t deserve it. Step out of that self victim zone when setting goals for yourself and allow yourself to dream big.

Aim high enough that your inner core becomes uncomfortable thinking about it but also pushes you to go after then same goal. You may miss the exact point but you will land somewhere really close by and turn around to see how far you have come to make a difference.


Rahul Talreja

Transformation Coach




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Man on a mission to be the best version of himself and help others follow a path of living a healthier & happier life.

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