For every dream to become a reality, one needs a goal followed by a well set Game Plan backed up by Massive Focused Action is what we work towards here. Whether it is – weight loss; lose fat; lean physique; build muscle or just improve overall fitness, a plan designed in alignment with an individual’s goals is a game changer.

Fitness transformation in simple words is replacing old unhealthy self sabotaging habits with good powerful healthy habits. So if YOU want to transform completely, then you need to start adapting these Good New Habits until they become your lifestyle.

#1. Start Your Day Early to Train In the Morning   – training first thing in the morning helps you set the tone right for the entire day as you start the day with the hardest thing. This creates a momentum of high energy with increase in productivity, performance and overall time management

#2. Do Your Meal Prep for the day along with the snacking as it helps you focus on your work and stick to right nutrition. Fitness is all about proper planning.

#3. Be aware of your CRAVINGS – learn to manage your cravings as these are signals to your brain that could be wrong due to de-hydration and long duration between meals

#4. Avoid these Weight Loss Myths to make any mistakes in your fitness journery

#5. Don’t let Excuses stop you from anything. Most of the people fail to complete what they start because of the excuses their mind comes up with such as, bad weather, pain, work, family etc. Recognize them first to overcome them.

#6. Weekends aren’t for sleep ins, infact they are to be used in your favor for recovery and doing this you love for a perfect balance.