Fitness and Corporate Life – A Tug of War

Corporate or professional life, as we call it, is demanding for sure and bringing anything else but fitness into that lifestyle does become harder, especially when we are working long hours and then we have social, family and personal commitments outside of the four walls of the corporate culture.

Most individuals stop focussing on their own health as the priority changes in life and as we are growing from being single to a life of committed relationships with our partners, kids and the triumph of enlarging circle our focus change from self to that of everyone else first. Subconsciously we start treating ourselves less than everybody else, slowly to realize that we have become our own victims.

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How to Prevent Workout Injuries?

There are many things you want out of your physical training such as, sweat, results and satisfaction but what you don’t want is an injury out of it. It is very common to experience injuries during or as a result of physical training.

Some of them are instant due to incorrect technique in the gym or home, so they can be identified immediately to fix with pain killer and/or rehabilitation. The most dangerous and, ones I am scared off, are the slow with some warning signs but not enough to stop a hard hitter like me, a decision which I regret later on.

So how do we prevent these injuries and what can be done to mitigate the risk. Below are some tips that you can take along with in your fitness journey for injury free workout or least reduce the probability by half –

  1. Proper Warm Up – you need to make sure your body is warmed up properly before we go do the heavy lifting or movements. A warm is simply a self-assessment of the body, connect with the muscles mentally and to find out how your body is feeling for the upcoming session
  2. Stretching – our body has muscles going all over it underneath that beautiful skin you are flaunting on Instagram. Our muscles are like rubber bands, they snap if they are too tight. A proper stretching of those muscles after your warm up is simply giving that body space for the blood flow as well as loosen up to prevent any snapping
  3. Fluid Intake – drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after workout has a great effect in minimising injuries. A de-hydrated body is prone to injuries mostly due to cramping muscles. Make sure you are carrying a bottle of water along to your gym or the area of your workout for hydration.
  4. Supplementation – if you are putting your body through some tough work then recovery is the key for its long term performance. In order to have good recovery, better stamina, improved joint mobility and endurance you need to add supplements such as multivitamin, omega 3, calcium, joint support, vitamin D, iron and protein. Even though some of you may argue the importance of these supplements against a nutritious diet which I truly support, the crucial part for long term performance and durability is recovery.
  5. Listen to Your Body – our body gives us sign to how it feels almost instantaneously and our job is to listen to it to recognise those signs before it snaps completely. Coming from a personal experience on many occasions, I usually slow down when I body has almost been through hell which is bad. Make sure you recognise when to stop to give your body rest as much as you know when to start back.
  6. Posture in Check – an obvious but important one is your posture while doing a particular move. Exercises are designed keeping a certain posture in mind, so you must learn that proper position to perform it. A lot of people try to do everything on their own without any help, causing injuries to themselves. Get an experienced trainer or a mentor to guide you through proper postures and positioning.

Injuries sucks big time because they can slow us down or even hurt us for life. Fitness needs to be fun and should also be done with cautious moves. It’s a long term journey for life, not a short term contractual deal.


Rahul Talreja

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Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

You are regular with your training in the gym or outside and giving your best everyday but still not getting great results. The worst part is you see other guys and girls around your who are spending less time then you are but still have better results overall.

I have been in those situations many times but each time I have found myself in that spot of self-criticising, I rather went ahead to find more answers to my questions. That search of finding better answers to becoming a best version of myself made me aware of lot of points that I was doing wrong at the start of my fitness journey.

It is a learning process and the best learning comes when you apply instead of just reading about it. I want to share some reasons that might be holding your results back, if not all then at least one or two.

Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

  • Clarity of Goals – you need to have a very clear specific goal of what you want to achieve and by when. Only then you will be able to pick the right workout plan. Get help from someone you look up to and find a coach to guide you setting up goals. Give yourself time to set them up as the more specific detailed they the better plan you can lay down for yourself.
  • Missing Visual Connection– it is important to have a visual connection with your goals. So you can emulate someone whose physical shape you admire and have their pictures around you for visual connection.
  • Diet and Supplementation – your workout should be supported by right nutrition plan and supplementation. This is an area where you need consultation and preparation.
  • Rest and recovery– it is said that you break your muscles in the gym, feed in the kitchen and build while you sleep. Resting and recovering is as important as working out. Providing your body with right recovery through various other measure like massage, chiropractic adjustments, cryotherapy, physiotherapy etc., is also crucial.


  • Chore vs Fun – your workout needs to be fun that is something to look forward to. If you are taking it as a chore then you pick something that you can enjoy and can do on a regular basis. If you don’t like weight training, then identify a sport or an activity to match your goals.
  • Comfort Zone – people generally stick to things they know and do not want to learn/try new ways or training methods. Educate yourself more on techniques and apply in line with your goals.
  • Missing Passion – passion is something that comes from within. You need to have a very strong reason, “WHY”, for your goal. That connection with your goal will bring out the passion to achieve the goals.

Getting these strategies in place will enhance your performance in your training as well as overall life. What we do in one area of life also follows in other areas of your life too. Even if you are already doing these things, then my suggestion is to review them again as you might come across some surprises of self-sabotaging.

Rahul Talreja
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9 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

We can talk about weight loss for days or weeks but what we ignore more than often is whether the process we are following has a positive impact overall on us or are we putting our bodies through a whole level of different stress that can cause issues in the long run.

If you are one of those people who are working really hard towards getting into a leaner shape and look good feel good, then you must avoid these 9 common mistakes that can affect your health.

1) Completely Cutting Carbs

Carbohydrates are an essential part of our nutrition plan. We need carbohydrates as they give us energy to perform our daily activities, movements, training etc. Complete elimination of carbs can cause internal weakness and lack of energy as your body. Also our cravings for high sugary stuff starts to rise which can manipulate with our blood sugar levels.
It is better to replace bad carbohydrates with good sources of carbohydrates. You can download a copy of Grocery Shopping List from Free Resources.

2) Missing Meals

I have personally met so many people who have one solution to weight loss – Missing Meals or Skipping meals. The first meal of the day breakfast is often missed thinking which leads a eating a big lunch and slightly less bigger dinner. By doing that we actually boosting our fat storage tendency.

By skipping a meal, we put our body into a starvation mode. When we have our first meal which in this example is lunch, as an average individual we end up eating more than we need because our body needs energy. While we do that our body recognizes a lack of food so it starts storing whatever food it gets in the form of fat to use it as a source of energy. Therefore, instead of missing meals starts consuming 5 small meals a day which boost our metabolism and weight loss tendency.

3) De-hydration

Ok this an important one that you want to put in check every time you feel like snacking. Majority of times when we feel like having a snack or sweet cravings, it is because we are not hydrates enough. In simple words, we haven’t had enough water. In such a situation our body creates signals to our brain that it needs something and our conscious brain thinks of that something as “food”, which is where most of us mistake our thirst with hunger.

Check yourself next time it happens, you might just be thirsty.

4) Spending Hours doing Cardio

Another common mistake a lot of people, especially women, make is spend hours on cardio machines in the gym. I have seen people doing a hard-core group fitness session for 45 minutes and then go for a second one straight after that. It is a known fact and also proven by research that our body burns more fat with weight training as compared to running on treadmill.

My tip is to spend no more than 45 minutes on weight training (light or medium); or a cardiovascular training. The most effective is when you train with a training partner or join a group fitness activity that helps you push harder.

5) Artificial and Cosmetic treatments

A BIG NO! There sure our very expensive surgeries, or treatments one can go after to suck that fat in or burn the fat cells through artificial equipment’s. But before you go in that path make sure you are aware of the side effects (internal and external). These are short term treatments that is good from the outside but are still harming you from inside and the results are guaranteed.

Fitness is about changing your habits which is an internal process instead of an external change

6) Sleeping Patterns

Too much or too less of anything is bad for us and same goes for sleep. When we are not getting enough sleep our body’s cortisol levels (stress hormones) increases. This means that body isn’t getting enough recovery and is constantly under stress. This impact our immune system and metabolism, therefore, leading to internal weakness as well as improper digestion of food. This means the body has higher toxin levels which are converting into fat.

On the other hand, sleeping for 9-10 hours also impacts the overall function of the body. Sleeping long hour’s puts a body in a long fasting set up. People in this category eat huge meals after waking up and also suffer from internal weakness because of lack of body movement.

TIP: Sleep 6-8 hours a day and go to bed early to start your day early.

7) Late Night Snacking

This one is tied up with the sleeping patterns. Late night snacking or mid-night snacking is very common amongst people. This usually happens to people who either haven’t had proper dinner; or working late hours; or simply love eating anytime of the day.
Having food too close to sleeping hours can be harmful at a lot of levels as you are putting your organs to huge work while sleeping. Our organs needs proper rest, therefore, one must give at least 2 hours to let the food settle before they go to bed. This means dinner on time with proper nutritional value.

8) Over indulging on Social Occasions

Alright! Think we all are guilty of indulging in delicious food on social gatherings and there is nothing wrong with that either. The only problem is when we over indulge ourselves more than our body needs. A good tip to enjoy food in social event is by reducing your carbs couple of days prior to the event, this process is called carb cycling. Another better option if you want to stay good with what you pick is by having protein shake 30 minutes before arriving at the event, as protein will keep you full for long time and you won’t feel like over indulging at all.

9) Use Workout as An Excuse to Binge Eat

A very common mistake that even I have made initially due to lack of knowledge about nutrition. Just because we have done a good training session doesn’t allow us to eat whatever we want. In fact, we must be very careful of what we are feeding our body and try to educate ourselves about proper nutrition and a balanced meal. Taking workout as an excuse to eat anything is pretty much why so many people are shocked to see NO results in their weight loss journey.


Well whatever your goal is – fitness, weight or fat lass, muscle building, or lean muscle mass – paying attention to avoiding these common mistakes can accelerate your results. The hard work you are putting will start to give you results, believe it or not.

Thanks a lot for taking time to read these points, hopefully they are helpful to you and your loves ones. After all, health is our biggest wealth.

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How Fitness Can Change Your Life

While getting in shape improves the way we look and helps us reduced in dress size, it also has a positive impact on a person’s personality and overall productivity levels. Before I go any further I want you to know that I write this article more from personal experience of mine and my friends who have been through a physical transformation.

So, as I was saying, fitness can change an individual’s life on a broader scale then it looks at the face value. It is a great feeling when you have put so much work into it – workouts, watching what you eat, sacrifices made in the process and overall discipline to the plan. But it does more to a person then simply body transformation.

11 ways fitness can change your life

1. Physical Energy – this a given when you start to lose weight due to fat loss; you feel so good that your energy levels are through the roof. This is because your body is less toxic, so you can go out more, do things you never thought you did and/or get more active socially.

2. Healthy Food Habits – fitness is a result of healthy food habits and food is a big factor in how a person feels after that. When I was eating a lot of oily, greasy and unhealthy food I felt sluggish, too bloated and tired after that. As I switched to more nutrient dense food my body feels much better.

3. Mental Clarity – when you reduce high calorie and high sugar food you feel, it keeps your energy levels better. Eating healthy and working out gave my mind more mental clarity as well as focus as I have ever had. With better focus and energy levels, I can do more in a day then I could in a week.

4. Confidence Boost – the self-gained confidence post brings out the real personality that people hide because of self-consciousness. This definitely helps in attracting more opportunities in life with work, relationships and people.

5. Change in Face – As you start to transform into a fitter self you start seeing decline in the fullness on your face. It doesn’t happen straight away but this gradual change is visible after some time. You also notice removal of extra roundness from the cheeks and jawline.

6. Posture – a person who has been through a transformation has a better posture. You can see that person smiling and enhanced self-esteem.

7. Determined Attitude – I have seen many people who have transformed physically – be it weight loss or muscle build – they are more determined in life. That quality has always been their but it came out to its best during the transformation phase.

8. Inspirational Person – a biggest positive change is that you can be inspiring people around you to be healthy as well. Your friends, family and colleagues look up to you for solutions and this is the time to contribute to the society by sharing the knowledge.

9. Brings out the Real YOU – when you have kept what you lost off for few years, it helps you know yourself better. Don’t get me wrong, even fitness and fashion models are insecure with their looks, so it doesn’t mean weight loss is the only way to be yourself. But change in body does for good or achieving your goal does help one accepting themselves as what they are.

10. Self-Awareness – To get results one has to push through pain, muscle aches, hard days and tough situations. This in turn makes a person more aware of themselves on a spiritual level.

11. Form New Habits – physical transformation helps you create new good habits such as – discipline, self-love, self-respect, consistency etc. It eliminates old bad habits that were holding us back from taking action. These in turn become part of us as individuals and translates into other areas of our lives too.

Of course there are more benefits but the above 11 ways are really important changes that one experiences on a general level.

All you have to do is start!

Transform to Be Your Best Self offers 1 on 1 coaching to those individuals who are ready to transform physically, mentally and emotionally to build a better future and tap into their true potential.

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Beginners Tips for Kick Starting Fitness Lifestyle

When it comes to topics like exercising there is so much to read, listen and watch from. But being a beginner it’s very hard and confusing to understand where to start. Especially, when you have never exercised in your life or have only seen people doing it which seem like a real tough gig.

I remember when I was starting out, being an obese kid, I had no idea what to do. But there were things that I unconsciously did that helped me start with ease that got me results faster. I still stick to these principles to date.

So, if you are someone who wants to change your health and get back into a fitness lifestyle, I am ready to reveal some easy tips that will help you take that first step.

1) One of the Main tips is to set realistic goals for your training and nutrition. Get help from a mentor or a trainer who can assist you with a SMART goal. For example: In the next 30 days I will be living a healthier lifestyle and be more active by training 3-5 days a week and eating the right diet plan.

2) Accountability Partner – whether it is a personal trainer, a family member or a friend; find someone who can help you stay accountable for your actions. If you have a coach then this step is self-resolved as he or she will keep you accountable and on track.

3) Training Plan/ Programme – find a plan or programme that suits your needs in achieving your goals. Find someone who you think has results that you wish to have. Having a mentor or a coach can fast track your success.

4) Nutrition – This plays a huge role in achieving your desired results. Every goal has different pathway for success. For example, you nutrition plan is different for weight loss as compared to building muscle. One must be conscious about what to eat and at what time in order to transform. Get an expert’s advice on this.

5) Avoid Instant Gratification – Don’t look for shortcuts or easy ways to get results. There might be some faster and easier ways for weight loss or gaining muscles but then those results aren’t long term either. Results take time, so accept that it is a journey of self-betterment.

6) Visualize – Without a mental & emotional connection with your end results, it is hard to see success because you can lose motivation. The best way to do so is have a visual of what your results look like in 30 days on the wall of your room, in your phone and laptop, so you can connect emotionally with them.

7) Learn from Mistakes – Like I mentioned earlier fitness lifestyle is a journey of self-discovery mentally, emotionally and physically. So, if you have missed a training session or ended up eating something outside your diet plan due to temptations, don’t stress. Start again in the next meal or next day.

8) Recovery – Don’t push through too hard initially. Start slowly and then pick up the pace with anything. The key is to not feel burnt with too much workout but slowly get habitual of the whole process. Make sure you are listening to your body when it needs rest or a check up with an expert about injuries and proper supplementation.

9) Have Fun – If you aren’t having fun then you are doing it wrong. That’s when you are picking your training regime, choose the activities you enjoy doing.

10) Reward Yourself – Celebrate your wins when you have completed a successful week of fitness training, clean nutrition and good recovery. Do not do it by overindulging with bad food but do so by buying yourself something small or with a spa/massage etc.
There are, obviously, more tips I can keep on giving when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, however, being a beginner all you need is taking that first step and not back off. The key is to take action as a plan without action means nothing to no one.
I hope you get some value with these tips and start applying. If it makes sense or you have any questions, don’t be shy to drop a comment to connect via my website (below)

Rahul Talreja
Transformation Coach – Be Your Best Self

7 Fitness Tips for Working Professionals

We spend 80% of our day, sometimes more in our offices staring at the screens. Thanks to smartphones those eyes are working twice as hard now. May it is our own business or a desk job for a corporation. The physical impact is the same – lack of movement as the body is stagnant most of the period. Of course, there is some movement when we take our water, food and toilet breaks but that doesn’t help, does it?

Lack of movement in the body is an obvious risk of causing health issues such as chronic back aches, stress leading to mental health, heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Add unhealthy food habits to this then all one can pray for is a long life.

I am writing about this topic because just like you, I am also a person who sits in front of a screen for work most the day being part of an office culture. So I have been on the unhealthy path myself leading to some serious risks to my health and also have seen many people deal with similar situations.

Now that I am on a health transformation journey with the commitment to myself, my mission is to educate people around me as much as possible to start making a switch to improving their lifestyles with even the smallest step towards betterment. Therefore, I would like to share some tips that I live by on a daily basis that has helped me a lot in overall physical and mental health improvement.

7 Fitness Tips for Working Professionals

1) Start Packing – Yes! Pack your meals for the day. As much as it is hard to do so, put that extra 30 minutes of your evening in advance prepping. You can do a big batch prep for 2-3 days in advance. It’s worth it

2) Smart Team Member – make smart choices when attending morning teas, afternoon teas or team lunches. Look for health options and avoid anything that is fried, baked or greasy. If it’s a bring your own plate kind of gathering then ball is in your court

3) Carry Your Snacks – it is easy to get trapped into cookies in the kitchen or some function left overs that are shared with the rest of the staff; or worst someone sharing that “home-made” recipe that they made during their quest of becoming a Master Chef. Carry your own snack with high protein and fibre content that will keep you full and less bloated.

4) Stay Away from Candies– there is always a candy lover around you. Stay away from the sugar that it has to offer. No further discussion on this as even you know it in your heart that 1 is never enough.

5) Drink Water – make sure you drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. Water intake helps you keep your body awake and reduces your sugar cravings. Stay away from aerated sugary drinks including “energy drinks” that are nothing but messing with your blood sugar levels.

6) Regular Breaks – go for a 5 minutes break where you can stretch your legs and body every 60 minutes. It’s good for blood flow and shake off negative thought as well as stress release

7) Lunch Time Workouts – you can also go for a long walk; runs or a group fitness session close to work during your lunch break. You can use the desk time to eat while you work.
Overall, as you can it is purely about watching your food intake and ensuring regular movements. Our bodies are designed to move not stay stagnant, therefore, take every opportunity to do walk, run, jump, dance, lift, push or pull, so your energy levels are up.

Hope this makes sense, why not start straight away? All the best and keep working hard.

Rahul Talreja
Be Your Best Self – Transformation Coach