Often we hear a lot about taking rest from physical training by having a day off. Most fitness coaches, personal trainers and athletes do emphasis on having a day off from intense training both middle of the week as well as one in the end. This is because our body breaks down the muscle tissues during an intense activity, so it is good idea to take time off from weights and gym. It gives our body enough time to repair itself. I myself take at least 2 days a week away from lifting weights.

While there is good reason to give your body rest, it is equally essential to not let the body stay still. Reason being that your body still needs nutrients to repair through your diet, hydration, and supplementation and to do that you need to keep your body moving.

That’s why I don’t call days off as “rest days” but to me they are Active Rest Days. Whenever I design/ develop a programme for my clients I have 1 -2 active rest days in that plan. An active rest day, as it states, is a rest away from weight room but will involve you to stay active in any form, such as, going for a trek, bike ride with friends, kicking ball with your kids or siblings, taking your dog out for a walk at the beach or closest park. Basically having an active day outdoor away from the hard core zones.

Why Active Rest Day?

Well I came across this concept 3 years ago after my first Bodybuilding competition. Until then I used to take my days off literally to the point I didn’t want to move which made me lazy, grumpy and more in pain. Of course, this also impacted my relationships with my family and friends, as well as affected my workout next day.

Active Rest Day, as stated above, a day to have fun. It takes you away from intense training to a zone of fun activities outdoors or even indoors. It also helps you relax mentally, reduces your cortisol levels (stress), therefore, making you look forward to next training session.

It also gives you a forced balancing act to spend time with your family & friends away from your daily routine. From a physical point of view you are still getting a rest from training, recovery via your diet & supplementation and a fulfilled day.

No Matter what kind of plan you are using for your transformation, if it has a REST DAY in it, change it to an Active Rest Day. It will change your whole transformation process from an intense to a fun one.

All the Best! 

Rahul Talreja
Fitness & Transformation Coach






Building muscle at a basic level has been looked at from two fundamental points of view – lifting heavy weight and eat whatever the hell one can. But as much as it sounds fun, especially the eating part, it surely is taking our body towards direction we might regret due to additional fat storage and injuries.

The way I have been taught, therefore, have implemented in my training for last 3 years is through a slight better approach for a long term sustainable results instead of short term half-hearted results. So, here I would like to share the 5 rules of building lean muscle.

Rule 1 – Periodic Training

Your training should change every 2-3 weeks in terms of the principles you are applying. Say for example, for first 3 weeks focus on compound movements of 10-12 reps and following for week reduce the weights and increase the rep range to 12-15. By doing this you are giving your body a chance to adapt to a new form of training. You can then pick a different principle such as FST -7 or DTP or GVT to keep your body in the surprise.

Rule 2 – Variety of Movement

Keep adding knowledge of movements to your workout library by learning how different muscle groups work or function. It is best to choose alternate movements every few weeks to give a muscle new way of training. Example: if last 3 weeks you have done seated leg curls then switch to lying leg curls. The more variety you are going to add in your database, the more adaptable you will become to different training settings.

Rule 3 – Quality Pre and Post Workout Meals

One of the biggest factor is the nutrition in helping you build lean muscle. People often don’t pay enough attention to the quality of food they are feeding themselves before as well as after the workout. Ideally both those meals should contain a good proportion of carbs to protein and naturally occurring fats from the protein source. These meals must have higher proportion of carbs to protein ratio because your workout will assimilate those vital nutrients to absorb into the broken muscle fibres.

Muscle 2

Rule 4 – Keep Your Body Hydrated

An un-hydrated body is simply open to injuries, cramps, and other internal issues. Our body is 70% water, so to avoid it is half the battle lost. Water plays a vital role in maintaining a good blood flow that shuttles the nutrients for muscle repair, reduce the lactic acid stored in the body while training and better performance through energy levels.

Rule 5 – Dial down 4-6 Weeks

An important rule of growth is also recovery, therefore, after every 4-6 weeks of heavy training give your body a week to recover and repair. The best approach is to reduce the weight training down to 30-50% weight and do more cardio based training. Don’t completely give up on that week by not doing anything, in fact, use it for full recovery through massages, proper nutrition, hydration, chiro or physio adjustments etc.

It’s important to do hard work but if we can do it smartly then the results are incredible and for long term.

Enjoy growing

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation

How to Make the Most Out of Your Weekends?

Weekend is what most people look forward to, specially, those who work in jobs and small businesses because that’s when an individual get time away from work to spend time with family and friends.

But more than that it is also a time when people look forward to procrastinate by – sleeping in/ waking up late; eat junk food; drink more alcohol than they would normally; party hard and do nothing productive.

This eventually leads to few things for us-

  • We feel like crap because we sabotaged our health buy feeding our body unhealthy nutrition less food / drinks.
  • We did not do anything productive
  • We spent more money than we wanted to so now we even feel more bad
  • We do not look forward to work because our mind has slipped into self-pity mode where the world is against us and life sucks

I will probably leave it to that as I can feel you getting the gist. If you are one of them then you better gear up to start making some changes my friend.

Before I tell you how you can change all of that, I have to confess that I for 3 years of my life I slipped into that this state myself and therefore, ended up in a pretty sad space mentally impacting every area of my life – especially my health and relationships.

So I changed my perspective towards my weekends as I knew I wanted to feel differently when I get back to work on Monday. There are things I applied and you should too if you want to have the best of weekends, get your health back in track, feel good about yourself and make the most of the time you have.

      1. Early Start – wake up same time as you would on a work day, assuming you work during the day. This will keep you on track with your time management and give you more of it on hand to utilise productively.
      2. 30 Minutes’ Workout – starting your day with a 30 minutes of workout, slow jog, walk, swim or any sport will out you in a zone of performance. This will lift your energy levels up – mentally and physically.
      3. Breakfast with Friends/Family – book ahead of the weekend your time with your friends or family members to have breakfast together early in the morning. With (1) and (2) already accomplished, this part of the day will push you to stay on track with your nutrition and also mentally relaxing to have the people you care about the most around you at the start of a day.
      4.  Projects – pick or create small projects for yourself to be done on the weekends. Something that involves creation; modification or betterment. Example – de-cluttering your house; painting your room; fixing your backyard; re-doing your interior of the house; fixing your car or bike etc.
      5.  Activity – book or pick an activity for yourself to do with your wife, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends etc., so it takes you away from the daily grind and work stress. Doing such activities together reduces our cortisol’s level and also create some amazing memories.
      6.  Advance Preparation – remember school days when we had to be prepared with everything for the rest of the week to go smooth? Yes- it needs to come back. Make sure you doing everything ahead of the week – grocery shopping; meal preps; washing & ironing; cleaning etc. This way your work week will be very much focussed on work instead of stressing about everything else but work. Even use this time to look into your finances & bills to stay ahead of the game.
      7.  Recovery – give the weekends for recovery with massages or spa time, if you can, to release all the stress you have gained throughout the week.



The key objective is to return to basics of human body & life to make the most of the day. Now some of these points are also relevant during the week but in order to make the most of your weekends these steps/tips/tricks are definitely the way to go.

Rahul Talreja- Messenger of Fitness Transformation
Be Your Best Self

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Fitness Metamorphosis

We all have heard and/or seen stories about caterpillar who spins a cocoon to eventually emerge as a butterfly. This process of transformation is called Metamorphosis. Wikipedia defines metamorphosis as “the transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic changes”.

Similar is our fitness transformation journey. We start off with moving slowly and steadily forward as if we are crawling. Then through daily practice, discipline, consistent work and educating ourselves through books, coaches, mentors etc., we build our cocoon where we learn from doing and failing and then doing it again. Eventually we come out of that cocoon transformed into a beautiful butterfly with wings of great energy, confidence and self-belief.

To put it in simple words, metamorphosis is a marked changes in appearance, condition, character or function of a caterpillar. Most of you will agree that it is hard to believe that a tiny little bug will transform so beautifully.

In the world of fitness transformation, it stands the same for human beings. Our current physical state can be transformed if we are willing to move and start spinning.

In other words, instead of sitting and waiting for that perfect time, day, week, month or year to start of fitness journey we take action right now to go through the learning process by practicing and putting real work into it. The transformation is gradual because it takes time to build that cocoon of knowledge and experience through consistency as well as discipline. When you emerge out of it as a completely transformed being in all different intelligence levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

For me it has been a long journey because when I started my fitness transformation I was 15 years old with no real guidance. Then slowly I went from learning my making mistakes then coming across some amazing mentors & coaches in self-defence world followed by some amazing personal trainers, in the real and reel world, who were focussed on educating alongside training transformed me to a butterfly.

This is why I created Be Your Best Self Transformation to help people transform as an overall being. Fitness is not just limited to having a training plan and diet plan but more than that. It is a way of transforming into a new person each day because in real life that cocoon needs to be spanned more than once so we can keep emerging as a better version of ourselves.



Rahul Talreja- Messenger of Fitness Transformation
Be Your Best Self

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Stay On Track This Christmas Holiday

December 25th – one of the most significantly celebrated day around the world with family and friends, its Christmas time baby. I quiet enjoy this colourful time of the year when everyone from kids to grandparents are in the joyous mood of celebrating, sharing and giving. The environment around just changes to the beautiful song.

However, there is definitely a correlation between the celebration and calories. There is certainly a huge amount of food intake involved during the celebration which is mostly calorie dense and processed.

So the question is how do we stay on track with our fitness during this holiday season? What steps can we take to avoid the impact on our body that lasts for months?

Christmas Fitness

I sit here writing this content to help be aware of your choices and also give you my own very personally experienced tips that I use for any social gathering for celebration.

  • Plate of Protein – focus on having more protein rich food that are lean sources and not covered in lot of oil. Protein is more expensive for body so it increases the metabolism 8% faster than carbohydrates and fats.
  • Hydration – as much as most people like to over-eat they end up consuming less fluid which can slow down metabolism. Staying hydrated with water or electrolyte rich fluids such as coconut water etc., not only improves metabolism but also reduces food cravings and keeps the energy levels up.
  • Calorie Cycling – with Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner approaching, you can start consuming less calories in the form of carbohydrates and fats 2-3 days leading up to the main day. This way you are putting your body through a calorie deficit which in turn will help you consume the extra calories on the holiday.
  • Increase Your Cardio & Training – Leading up to the day you can increase your cardio sessions and also pump up a little harder in the gym. You are increasing your room for calorie deficit that can assist you consuming that delicious turkey.
  • Stop Grazing- A biggest mistake which fails people, over eating or gazing. Just because there is lot of food around doesn’t mean you have to snack on it. Watch what you are doing, stay accountable to yourself. Best is to make a list beforehand of food you want to eat on the day, that you won’t go bonkers on the food.

Holiday seasons are challenging with so much food around but it is also the time when we can lose focus. It’s about controlling our environment and the above tips or steps I take for myself has helped me a lot in staying in the shape. Now it’s your time to put that effort, you will thank yourself.

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Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness Transformation

Be Your Best Self

Pain Means Growth

“Are You Nuts?” is the first reaction I get when I words such as these about the pain they are feeling in their muscles next day after their training session. If you are someone like me you who has DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) then the pain is lasting more than 24 hours.

Regardless of that, the pain after your training session in the muscle groups you have worked out on is good for muscle growth and reshaping into your newer self. This is because your workout has opened up the muscle fibres stretching the tissues open, therefore, increasing the blood flow in the targeted area. So the pain in the targeted area is now because of the strain it has gone through under the circumstances you have created for your body.

Pain and Growth

Now to overcome this pain you must remember these important tips-

a) Hydrate your body with regular intake of water so you don’t get craps. A well hydrated body will be refuel you for internal recovery process

b) Nutrition is highly important because this is where you are feeding the targeted muscle groups with macro and micro nutrients such as your good fats, good carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

c) Recovery – a simple word yet the most crucial part after your training. You need to give your body enough recovery so it is ready for action the very next day or day after, subject to your training routine. Proper sleep, supplementation and mental rest is crucial.

Only then your body will get the chance to grow into the new physical shape as you want it be. Just by simply focussing on these tips, you can find yourself in a much improved physical, mental and emotional state.

One of the beautiful quotes I read somewhere was – “it takes a hammer, a chisel, a vision and a will to suffer the blows to be carved into one”.

So next time you are feeling your muscles are sore that’s because your muscle are ready to grow. All they need is proper rest, hydration, diet and recognition of the hard work.

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Rahul Talreja
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A question often cross our mind when we start on our fitness journey. It is also one of few questions that I have come across a lot from people I know in conversations as well as my inbox. Well, you will be delighted to know that there is no one right answer to this and the answer for this actually depends on YOU.

Every fitness coach, trainer, instructor and/or athlete has a different approach toward training which is mostly backed up by few factors, such as:

– Their own personal results
– Their clients’ results
– Internal connection with a certain approach
– Personal preference
– Knowledge etc.

However, if I talk purely from you making a decision for yourself on how many times a week you should be training that I can guide you towards 3 important factors to consider:

A) GOAL– you need to be clear in your mind about what you want to achieve for your transformation, what is your purpose of physical transforming. Usually when I ask someone what goal they have in mind, the usual responses are – “I want to lose weight”; “I want to build muscle”, or “I want to become leaner”, so on and so forth.

To me these are very generic goals, not specific. To be specific means to more clarity about your goal. If I take an example of weight loss then be clear about your target, timeline, number you want to hit on scale, inches you want lose, fat percentage you want to get down to, dress size, etc. The more time you will give to your goals in terms of giving it a long thought before jumping on-board, the more aligned you will be with your purpose. You can have images around of your dream physique, be it your old picture of your best self or someone whom you idolise.

Additionally, your goal decides how many times a week should you train. For example if you want to build muscle then you need to give each body part full attention, therefore, requiring you to train at least 5 days a week of pure weight training. But if your goal is get lean and athletic then you might focus on training full body 3 times a week.

Respect your goals enough to give it time, energy and attention. Only then your actions will provide results.

B) AVAILABILITY – next thing that comes to my mind when talking about the frequency of training is your own time availability, what suits you the best the best in line with your work, family and social commitments.

A lot of people love to train in the evening after they are done with their hard day’s work because that refreshed them. A lot of people (like myself) train early morning to get it out of the way and energise their mornings.

TIP: take a close glance at your weekly calendar to mark your commitments first. Then look for time you can fit your training in.

C) LEVEL OF COMMITMENT– it all comes down to how committed you are to yourself. You can get all the help in the world through course, coaching, reading posts or blogs (like this one), and watching motivation videos on Youtube but if your commitment level is low then doesn’t matter how many days you train.

Most likely, people who are not committed enough are either scared of the change or let excuses take over their life. It’s easy to slip into our comfort zone because that makes us feel safe but where we are safe we might not be growing. So in order for growth to happen in our life we must give up all excuses by taking control.

If anything out of these 3 points I can give you today to hit home, I’d suggest focus on getting committed first. With commitment your goal and availability will pumped out straight away.

To summarize, you are the best judge of how many times you should be training. Of course you want to make sure you recover and rest well too but when you have a goal, allocated time and commitment to succeed there is no force in the world that can stop you from getting what you want – be it anything in life.

Rahul Talreja
Transformation Coach
Be Your Best Self Transformation