Fitness and Corporate Life – A Tug of War

Corporate or professional life, as we call it, is demanding for sure and bringing anything else but fitness into that lifestyle does become harder, especially when we are working long hours and then we have social, family and personal commitments outside of the four walls of the corporate culture.

Most individuals stop focussing on their own health as the priority changes in life and as we are growing from being single to a life of committed relationships with our partners, kids and the triumph of enlarging circle our focus change from self to that of everyone else first. Subconsciously we start treating ourselves less than everybody else, slowly to realize that we have become our own victims.

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8 Home Remedies for Clean Arteries

Arteries transport oxygen-rich blood throughout every part of our body. It is important to be aware of our artery health regardless of our age. There are some natural ways to keep our arteries health in better check through these 8 simple home remedies.

1) Making Lifestyle Change – by reducing and/or quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, increasing regular exercise and watching our weight. The change in lifestyle impacts a great deal on the stress on our arteries by getting rid of toxins.

2) Good Fats – The most well-known of all is Omega-3 fatty acids that is in fish oil. But you can also go for unsalted nuts, avocado, olive oil. Coconut oil is also good for lubricating arteries due to high lauric acid content even though it is saturated.

3) Pomegranate Juice – it reduces blood vessel damage that prevents hardening of arteries, and it is thought to reverse the progression of heart diseases.

4) Vitamins – B6, B12 and C have been linked to cardiovascular/heart health. Adequate quantities of these nutrients keep arterial walls flexible and keep to prevent damage that can lead to plaque blood clots.

5) Eat More Garlic – consuming garlic helps reduce bad fats, increases good cholesterol and reduces blood pressure and blood flow.

6) Turmeric – has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that helps to prevent blood clots in the arteries.

7) Ginger Tea – is another effective remedy for clogged arteries because it prevents and reduces plaque build-up by reducing cholesterol

8) Colourful Plate of Vegetables– Veggies has plenty of sterols that flushes away bad cholesterol the same way that soluble fibre does. Have 3 to 5 servings per day.

Just by simply applying these remedies can do wonders to our arteries health which many of us take for granted. My advice is start by one change at a time, your body will thank you in many ways.


Rahul Talreja





5 Steps Guide For Better Heart Health

Everyone is focussed on getting those ripped abs, bulging arms, chiselled chest and bigger back but fitness is beyond that. There is an important muscle in our body that many choose to ignore – Heart. Heart related health issues are very common around the world with processed food, western high calorie diet, high alcohol consumption and bad health choices.

Today I want to help you understand your heart a bit more than you currently do. You can take measures in your life towards improving heart health of your own as well as loved ones.

Here is my 5 step guide for better heart health:

  1. ELIMINATE BAD FATS – unhealthy Trans and saturated fats are linked to clogging the arteries around the heart which increased blood pressure. It forces the heart to work harder to pump blood around the whole body which results in heart attacks. Foods rich in Omega 6 cause inflammation over time which is another reason for heart related deaths.Best course of action is to avoid processed food and fatty red meats. Stick to lean sources of protein and healthy sources of good fats.
  2. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISES – doing cardiovascular exercises require blood to be pumped around the whole body. What it means for the heart is a benefit of improved efficiency of stroked volume, i.e., easily pumping of blood around the body. Performing cardiovascular training makes the heart more fit for its purpose prolonging its health. While that is happening you are also burning fat from body which also goes in favour of your heart in terms of less tissue to pump blood to.
  3. GREENS ARE YOUR FRIEND – I am sure all or most of you have heard from your mothers and teachers to “eat your greens”. I know my mother always emphasised on eating all kinds of vegetables which is now a part of my lifestyle. When it comes to heart health, anything high in fibre is your friend. Research has shown that insoluble fibres binds to the cholesterol in the intestines and forces it to be excreted out of the body instead being stored. This helps lowering the plaque in the arteries, therefore, reducing the stress on the heart to pump blood around the body. Additionally, your heart also benefits from the nitrates that is associated with improved cardiac health.
  4. AVOID DEHYDRATION – Dehydration also makes the heart work harder because the stroke volume reduces. In simple words, the less volume of blood is pumped around the body with every heart beat when your body is dehydrated. Therefore, having proper hydration throughout the day, especially before, during and after your workouts is important.
  5. REDUCE TABLE SALT – Excessive amount of table salt should be avoided because of its richness in Sodium content. Even though sodium acts as a good electrolyte but too much of anything can be harmful. Excessive amount of sodium in our body pulls large quantity of blood into our blood vessels, which means increase in blood pressure. It stresses the heart immediately. If this too common for a long time, the heart health is at risk. Stick to principle of moderation and pick better choices like Himalayan salt.


Making small changes in our lifestyle and choices can do wonders to our overall heart health. It’s the matter of how bad we want it and how much effort we are willing to make. Our heart is very crucial in keeping us alive, let’s not take for granted.

Well it’s time to listen to your heart!

Rahul Talreja


Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

You are regular with your training in the gym or outside and giving your best everyday but still not getting great results. The worst part is you see other guys and girls around your who are spending less time then you are but still have better results overall.

I have been in those situations many times but each time I have found myself in that spot of self-criticising, I rather went ahead to find more answers to my questions. That search of finding better answers to becoming a best version of myself made me aware of lot of points that I was doing wrong at the start of my fitness journey.

It is a learning process and the best learning comes when you apply instead of just reading about it. I want to share some reasons that might be holding your results back, if not all then at least one or two.

Reasons Your Workout is Failing or Not Giving Results

  • Clarity of Goals – you need to have a very clear specific goal of what you want to achieve and by when. Only then you will be able to pick the right workout plan. Get help from someone you look up to and find a coach to guide you setting up goals. Give yourself time to set them up as the more specific detailed they the better plan you can lay down for yourself.
  • Missing Visual Connection– it is important to have a visual connection with your goals. So you can emulate someone whose physical shape you admire and have their pictures around you for visual connection.
  • Diet and Supplementation – your workout should be supported by right nutrition plan and supplementation. This is an area where you need consultation and preparation.
  • Rest and recovery– it is said that you break your muscles in the gym, feed in the kitchen and build while you sleep. Resting and recovering is as important as working out. Providing your body with right recovery through various other measure like massage, chiropractic adjustments, cryotherapy, physiotherapy etc., is also crucial.


  • Chore vs Fun – your workout needs to be fun that is something to look forward to. If you are taking it as a chore then you pick something that you can enjoy and can do on a regular basis. If you don’t like weight training, then identify a sport or an activity to match your goals.
  • Comfort Zone – people generally stick to things they know and do not want to learn/try new ways or training methods. Educate yourself more on techniques and apply in line with your goals.
  • Missing Passion – passion is something that comes from within. You need to have a very strong reason, “WHY”, for your goal. That connection with your goal will bring out the passion to achieve the goals.

Getting these strategies in place will enhance your performance in your training as well as overall life. What we do in one area of life also follows in other areas of your life too. Even if you are already doing these things, then my suggestion is to review them again as you might come across some surprises of self-sabotaging.

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation

Truth about Cheat Meals – Are They Good?

When I started bodybuilding in November 2013, I came across this term rather concept of “Cheat Meal”. Prior to that even though I have been a fitness enthusiast for several years, I wasn’t aware of this whole concept. However, my learnings were through professional bodybuilders and people who have been in the industry for a long time, therefore, my introduction to the whole concept was backed up with proper knowledge and scientific / biological reasoning.

Cheat meal is simply a meal where you indulge yourself in the high calorie food (basically junk food) one day of the week. This is very famous concept or term used within bodybuilding world because it is a sport where athletes have to eat multiple meals a day (every 2-3 hours) with specific ingredients, therefore, boosting cravings for junk food.

Over last 3 years, I moved away from cheat meals because as and when I started getting more understanding of my body, its functionality & response to certain foods etc., I stopped advocating about such meals. There is surely no denying that my approach to nutrition has now become stricter and that’s what I expect the same from people who approach me for guidance in nutrition and training.

My reason is simple, our body needs to be fuelled with clean nutritionally rich food for its longevity and survival. If I am to be specific then below are some primary reasons for my strict approach to my nutrition day in and day out.

  1. Gut Feeling

With the whole week of clean eating, whenever I have had my cheat meal I face various abdominal issues almost immediately such as, cramps, bloating, and excess gas usually follows, which can quickly took away the joy I was looking for. All the sugar, bad fats, preservatives etc., upsets the good bacteria that lives in our gut causing inflammation and digestive issues.

  1. Dehydration

Another side effect of having junk food, especially ones high in sodium, can lead to dehydration because of the shock body has got through introduction of unhealthy food rich in sodium and fluid. The whole imbalance of nutrition generally leads people feeling puffy and dehydrated which is exactly how I felt. Don’t forget the headaches dehydration comes with and other snowball effects of it.

  1. High Risk of Disease

Consuming unhealthy fast through junk food may be a good feeling to your tongue and lips but certainly not a treat for your arteries. Over time, that fat storage in our veins and arteries can lead to heart diseases, increase in blood pressure and other horrible escalations such cancer.

Be Your Best Self Approach

The approach I follow and also put my clients through BYBS principles is simply clean eating using whole foods that cooked at home. Not saying stick to tasteless food but there is no room for junk food. Even I like to mix things up, that’s why I am constantly trying new recipes at home but the condition is choosing the right ingredients. If you check my YouTube vlog on Home Made Pancakes, you can notice all the ingredients are carefully selected.

If you are beginner to your transformation journey or even if you are fitness freak like me, do consider above points for your nutrition. You can also check my Vlog on the same topic to hear my views first hand here.

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation


Building muscle at a basic level has been looked at from two fundamental points of view – lifting heavy weight and eat whatever the hell one can. But as much as it sounds fun, especially the eating part, it surely is taking our body towards direction we might regret due to additional fat storage and injuries.

The way I have been taught, therefore, have implemented in my training for last 3 years is through a slight better approach for a long term sustainable results instead of short term half-hearted results. So, here I would like to share the 5 rules of building lean muscle.

Rule 1 – Periodic Training

Your training should change every 2-3 weeks in terms of the principles you are applying. Say for example, for first 3 weeks focus on compound movements of 10-12 reps and following for week reduce the weights and increase the rep range to 12-15. By doing this you are giving your body a chance to adapt to a new form of training. You can then pick a different principle such as FST -7 or DTP or GVT to keep your body in the surprise.

Rule 2 – Variety of Movement

Keep adding knowledge of movements to your workout library by learning how different muscle groups work or function. It is best to choose alternate movements every few weeks to give a muscle new way of training. Example: if last 3 weeks you have done seated leg curls then switch to lying leg curls. The more variety you are going to add in your database, the more adaptable you will become to different training settings.

Rule 3 – Quality Pre and Post Workout Meals

One of the biggest factor is the nutrition in helping you build lean muscle. People often don’t pay enough attention to the quality of food they are feeding themselves before as well as after the workout. Ideally both those meals should contain a good proportion of carbs to protein and naturally occurring fats from the protein source. These meals must have higher proportion of carbs to protein ratio because your workout will assimilate those vital nutrients to absorb into the broken muscle fibres.

Muscle 2

Rule 4 – Keep Your Body Hydrated

An un-hydrated body is simply open to injuries, cramps, and other internal issues. Our body is 70% water, so to avoid it is half the battle lost. Water plays a vital role in maintaining a good blood flow that shuttles the nutrients for muscle repair, reduce the lactic acid stored in the body while training and better performance through energy levels.

Rule 5 – Dial down 4-6 Weeks

An important rule of growth is also recovery, therefore, after every 4-6 weeks of heavy training give your body a week to recover and repair. The best approach is to reduce the weight training down to 30-50% weight and do more cardio based training. Don’t completely give up on that week by not doing anything, in fact, use it for full recovery through massages, proper nutrition, hydration, chiro or physio adjustments etc.

It’s important to do hard work but if we can do it smartly then the results are incredible and for long term.

Enjoy growing

Rahul Talreja
Messenger of Fitness and Transformation

How to Make the Most Out of Your Weekends?

Weekend is what most people look forward to, specially, those who work in jobs and small businesses because that’s when an individual get time away from work to spend time with family and friends.

But more than that it is also a time when people look forward to procrastinate by – sleeping in/ waking up late; eat junk food; drink more alcohol than they would normally; party hard and do nothing productive.

This eventually leads to few things for us-

  • We feel like crap because we sabotaged our health buy feeding our body unhealthy nutrition less food / drinks.
  • We did not do anything productive
  • We spent more money than we wanted to so now we even feel more bad
  • We do not look forward to work because our mind has slipped into self-pity mode where the world is against us and life sucks

I will probably leave it to that as I can feel you getting the gist. If you are one of them then you better gear up to start making some changes my friend.

Before I tell you how you can change all of that, I have to confess that I for 3 years of my life I slipped into that this state myself and therefore, ended up in a pretty sad space mentally impacting every area of my life – especially my health and relationships.

So I changed my perspective towards my weekends as I knew I wanted to feel differently when I get back to work on Monday. There are things I applied and you should too if you want to have the best of weekends, get your health back in track, feel good about yourself and make the most of the time you have.

      1. Early Start – wake up same time as you would on a work day, assuming you work during the day. This will keep you on track with your time management and give you more of it on hand to utilise productively.
      2. 30 Minutes’ Workout – starting your day with a 30 minutes of workout, slow jog, walk, swim or any sport will out you in a zone of performance. This will lift your energy levels up – mentally and physically.
      3. Breakfast with Friends/Family – book ahead of the weekend your time with your friends or family members to have breakfast together early in the morning. With (1) and (2) already accomplished, this part of the day will push you to stay on track with your nutrition and also mentally relaxing to have the people you care about the most around you at the start of a day.
      4.  Projects – pick or create small projects for yourself to be done on the weekends. Something that involves creation; modification or betterment. Example – de-cluttering your house; painting your room; fixing your backyard; re-doing your interior of the house; fixing your car or bike etc.
      5.  Activity – book or pick an activity for yourself to do with your wife, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends etc., so it takes you away from the daily grind and work stress. Doing such activities together reduces our cortisol’s level and also create some amazing memories.
      6.  Advance Preparation – remember school days when we had to be prepared with everything for the rest of the week to go smooth? Yes- it needs to come back. Make sure you doing everything ahead of the week – grocery shopping; meal preps; washing & ironing; cleaning etc. This way your work week will be very much focussed on work instead of stressing about everything else but work. Even use this time to look into your finances & bills to stay ahead of the game.
      7.  Recovery – give the weekends for recovery with massages or spa time, if you can, to release all the stress you have gained throughout the week.



The key objective is to return to basics of human body & life to make the most of the day. Now some of these points are also relevant during the week but in order to make the most of your weekends these steps/tips/tricks are definitely the way to go.

Rahul Talreja- Messenger of Fitness Transformation
Be Your Best Self

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