Welcome To BYBS


I am a guy next door in my 30s living in Melbourne, Australia. One of the greatest cities in the world awarded as “most liveable city” for quiet a few years in a row (7 years I think). I was born and raised in New Delhi, India and moved countries in 2006 when I was still very young in my early 20s.

Physical training and healthy lifestyle, however, was always a part of me from my teenage days. As a kid, I was introduced to various forms of physical training at school & was always interested in physical sports. But it was only at the age of 15 when my uncle introduced me to the world of raw and real fitness training. To see what human bodies are capable of, that day completely changed my life.

From there, I have always stayed true to myself by being consistent and disciplined enough to take at least an hour a day for my physical fitness. I have been through various training methods such as weight training; functional trainings; martial arts; self-defence; triathlon; adventure sports and lately bodybuilding.

Regardless of what activity or discipline I have followed, I have given my best and worked towards improving my knowledge and skills. The passion to build better, stronger, healthier body and mind has pushed me to grow physically, emotionally and mentally. This aspect of my life has helped me overcome many tough situations, all kind of obstacles and more. It gave me true strength in every area of my life.

Like everyone else, I do have a hectic life of full time job, family life, daily commutes, inter-state travels as well as international travels yet I do carry my passion in my heart. No matter where I am in the world, physical training has always been part of my daily regime.


Over the years, I have learnt how to control my environment instead of being controlled by one; how to find time to do what I love instead of hoping for more time in a day;  how to stay on track with my nutrition and recovery; and how to overcome excuses that our mind creates by controlling my thoughts.

Be Your Best Self Transformation was born the day I stepped into the world of healthy living and a fit life. It was born inside me, in fact it is ME. After all these years of learning, applying and seeing results, it’s time to share those principles, knowledge and techniques with the world. It’s time to help people see their TRUE POTENTIAL by applying what I have and get mileage from the knowledge I share.